An Innovation Ecosystem

creating jobs and ensuring the competitiveness of Australian industry



The Australian resources sector faces $100 billion of economic impact from disruptive technologies. Will we be just consumers of these technologies, or will we create them? Download our plan to create 10 innovative startup companies a year focused on the resource sector.


What is the problem?

The resources industry currently contributes 9% of Australia’s GDP and 48% of Australia’s exports. However, both decreasing productivity and a softening demand threaten this contribution.


Productivity in the resources sector has dropped by nearly 33% between 2000-01 and 2009-10.


"If we want to fully realise the long-term benefits of the Asian growth opportunity in front of us, we need to seriously address our declining competitiveness." David Peever, Managing Director, Rio Tinto Australia


In part due to declining productivity and competitiveness, the industry is very sensitive to fluctuations in commodity prices and demand.

What is the solution?

A sustainable technology innovation ecosystem will improve the competitiveness of Australian industry and drive substantial growth in the economy.

Productivity in the Australian Mining Sector

/ Australian Government Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) Discussion Paper Series 13.01, March 2013

“Innovations and technological progress are key drivers of productivity growth over the long term.Growth in innovations, a more skilled workforce, a faster rate of adoption of better off-the-shelf technologies as well as new technological breakthroughs would all likely assist in productivity growth of the Australian mining sector.”



How is it done?

We will adopt the successful innovation ecosystem model most commonly associated with the Silicon Valley. However, we will adapt the model to suit our own local strengths and opportunities.


Goal: Identify key industry problems and potential solutions. Key Activity: Hackathon


Goal: Validation. Does the potential solution address the problem? Is it feasible? Key Activity: Accelerator Selection Process


Goal: Build a viable company that can commercialise the solution. Key Activity: Technology Accelerator

Company Building

Goal: Develop channels to market and secure funding. Scale a proven solution. Key Activity: Partnership and Funding Program

Giving Back

Goal: Provide leadership and guidance. Key Activity: Mentoring Program