An Innovation Ecosystem

Bridging the gap from great idea to implementation.

How does it work?

“The RIIT Innovation Ecosystem is designed to quickly produce profitable companies that introduce innovative technologies into the resources sector. We will adopt the successful model most commonly associated with the Silicon Valley. However, we will adapt the model to suit our own local strengths and opportunities. RIIT Programs are open to individuals and companies at any level of development. Participant companies receive resources and assistance appropriate to their stage of development. The most promising will continue to advance to the next stages of the ecosystem.”

  • Ideation

    Goal: Identify key industry problems and potential solutions. Key Activity: Hackathon

  • Validation

    Goal: Validation. Does the potential solution address the problem? Is it feasible? Key Activity: Accelerator Selection Process

  • Development

    Goal: Build a viable company that can commercialise the solution. Key Activity: Technology Accelerator

  • Company Building

    Goal: Develop channels to market and secure funding. Scale a proven solution. Key Activity: Partnership and Funding Program

  • Giving Back

    Goal: Provide leadership and guidance. Key Activity: Mentoring Program